FREE 15 Day Trial

How does the free 15-day trial work?

You can sign up for a no obligation, 15 day free trial. We won't even ask you for your credit card information! You will have access to the ALL the features in Funeral Professional for FREE! At the end of your trial you can decide, you can decide if you would like to upgrade.

What happens to all the data I entered during my trial period?

Some users enter real data (products, packages, etc), while others enter ficticious data. If you decide you would like to upgrade to the paid version after your trial, we will work with you to migrate the data you would like to keep over to your full version. If you opt not to upgrade, we will delete your data so that no one else will ever have access to it.

Can I change plans anytime?

Of course! You can upgrade your plan from a trial version to the full version at anytime. In fact, our customers who have used our trial have opted to upgrade before the end of their trial period.

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